Mel Haynes

Mel has been delivering technical training since 1994. He has trained students across the USA, in Canada, Germany and the UK. As a Member of Technical Staff (MTS) at Bell Labs in Naperville he worked as a C/UNIX software developer and in Quality Assurance (QA) for 5ESS international switching. Mel first taught computer science while completing his Masters in Computer Science at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. He started working with Visual Basic in 1992 and began teaching VB as an MCT in 1995. He later moved on to include ASP,, VB.Net, Java, various web related developer topics, as well as SQL Server and Windows administration. Mel has developed and delivered Master Data Management (MDM) training and is currently focused on SQL Server 2008. Mel is a gifted IT professional and communicator able to make complex concepts clear and easy to understand.